Physical, Emotional, and Spiritual Elevation


And these signs shall follow them that believe; In my name shall they cast out devils…         Mark 16:17

   There are at least three other places where the scriptures say that those who believe in Jesus Christ will use the power that he has given to all who believe on him to “cast out devils.” (Mormon 9:24, Doctrine and Covenants 124:98, and Doctrine and Covenants 84:65) This is not an ordinance. In Luke 9:49-50, Jesus teaches that casting out is not something that is restricted to any church or authority:

And John answered and said, Master, we saw one casting out devils in thy name; and we forbad him, because he followeth not with us.

And Jesus said unto him, Forbid him not: for he that is not against us is for us.

The way this is done is by raising the right arm, with the palm to the front, elbow at 90 degree angle in the same gesture that has been used in many traditions throughout history as an invocation of divine agency. This signifies combining God with man/woman. In a court of law a person is asked to raise his right arm in this way and swear to tell the truth. Not only can you cast out, but you can use the power of this gesture to aid in commanding devils, entities, systems, energies, rivers, mountain, or whatever else the Holy Spirit dictates, calling for the powers of Heaven to make things happen.

The command should be done in the name of Jesus Christ. This doesn’t have to be a huge ordeal, it can be a relatively simple thing to dismiss these spirits in the name of Jesus Christ. Hollywood movies have overdone this and made it seem ultra evil to have a spirit affecting you. Be calm. Do not fear these entities. Do not be vindictive, angry, hateful, or address them with railing accusation (D&C 50:31-33). You should address these entities with love and compassion. Anger, hate, and fear are emotions that empower the dark connections in them; you can’t dismiss them and empower them at the same time.

A few more principles to mention. These entities are not willingly cooperative, and from what we have seen, if we leave them any loopholes they often don’t leave. When using the name of Jesus Christ it is best to be specific and add one or more of his roles to his name. Noticed in scripture, whenever Jesus Christ is identifying himself, he never just says his name. One of the reasons Jesus Christ does this is because he wants us to know who is talking, and he doesn’t leave any room for doubt about who is talking. There have been false Christs, and at times Satan has tried to deceive people into believing that he is the Christ, he can even appear as an angel of light. So adding one or two of His roles in addition to His name leaves no room for doubt whose authority you are drawing on.  

Here are some scripts to cast out. These here are the most commonly needed. The first is for entities that are for the most part doing bad things with good intent. The second is for the rougher sort. Bear in mind that these scripts are taken out of larger protocols and you may need more information. However, prayer works miracles so combined with prayer, the script alone might do the trick.


In the name of Jesus Christ, Alpha and Omega, the Beginning and the End, I command all spirits in me or attached to me to be precisely separated from my own God-given being and dismissed without argument.  I command all that are trapped by anything to be released. Despite what Satan has told you, we are not meant to be one.  None of us can reach our potential being one with each other. I command all darkness placed upon you by Satan or any other influence to be removed from you, declared null and void, and given to the Savior, Jesus Christ.  I command your identity of “Child of Satan” to be replaced with the identity “Child of Christ.” I command all intelligences, agency, and pieces of your heart, mind, spirit, emotions, and energy that you have lost or given away in any dimension of time to be cleansed and purified by the Light of the Atonement of Jesus Christ and returned to you and integrated now. I command all time warps preventing you from being one with yourself to be removed. Thank you for your intentions that were based on love.  I suggest that you go to the light where you will be received with joy and gladness and welcomed into the loving arms of Heavenly Father.  I command the union binding you to me to be dissolved. For any spirits who refuse to leave, I petition Heavenly Father to send escorts to remove them to a place where they can be dealt with in the light and love of Jesus Christ.  I petition my Father in Heaven to send holy angels to protect me from the return of these spirits.  I repent of any desire in me to have any of them back.   I command any limitation that these spirits might have given to me or influenced me to develop to be completely removed. I call forth holy angels to fill the voids vacated by these spirits or their beliefs, intelligences, and emotions with the light and love of Jesus Christ and with any emotion, intelligence, gift or truth that I have need of.  I also ask for all parts, elements, fragments or intelligences of me that have been removed, or become dormant or sluggish, yielding their responsibility to these spirits, to be restored, awakened, cleansed in the light of Jesus Christ, and reminded of their God-given assignment. I command these aspects of my body to fulfill their responsibility now in joy. I repent for yielding my stewardship over any part of my being and choose to receive it back. In the name of Jesus Christ, amen.



In the name of Jesus Christ, the Prince of Peace, my Savior and Redeemer, Alpha and Omega, the Beginning and the End, who created this Earth with Michael, I petition my Heavenly Father to send holy angels to help me as I remove the Sheolic programming and retrieve ownership of myself.  I ask for programs to be set in place to heal me in every aspect. I command Satan, Abaddon, Ishtar and (all other devils) and their fragments and attachments to depart. I ask that all effects and ownership caused by entry into the dominion of Sheol, its thrones, kingdoms, principalities and powers, all heights and depths, its angels, and the resultant past, present, and things to come set forth by said powers to be given to the Lord, Jesus Christ, and cleansed, purified and sanctified by the Atonement that he performed for me.  I command that the parameters detected, along with all cloaking, memories, back-ups, programs weapons, false stars, fear, tools, shunts, resonances, shafts, entanglements, portals, rooms, ancestors, worlds, and anything else of that nature be removed by authorized servants of Jesus Christ and the wounds caused by this removal to be healed by Jesus Christ. I command all creations created through Sheolic oneness to be given to Jesus Christ and disintegrated. I command all Sheolic energy to be removed from my being. I command that my highest self be restored and the oaths and covenants connecting me to pure Earth be restored. I call forth the Heavenly hosts that hold the fullness of the holy priesthoods. Please do the work for which you have been ordained, removing all unholy priesthoods, keys, tokens, ordinances anointings, symbols, imprints, negative gifts, and residue, and empower me with ownership and positive gifts to help me in my mission here on the earth and this dimension of time. Please fill all voids and seal this work with elements of celestial glory. In the name of the Holy Father, his son Jesus Christ, and the Holy Ghost. Amen.

Tap on the thymus (center of chest) and repeat:

I am sorry, please forgive me, thank you, I love you.



= entity made of fragments of people, devils, etc. that all have the same vibration.

In the name of Jesus Christ, the Prince of Peace, I command the demons that we have detected to be bound and given to the Lord, Jesus Christ, along with any tools they have been using. I apply this to every merkaba point and combination. I shower these demons with so much love that they are disintegrated. If there are any that do not respond to love, I command that they be disintegrated. I command all fragments, intelligences, and energies of which they were composed to be cleansed, purified, and sanctified by the Atonement of Jesus Christ and restored to their truthful owners. I command Satan and any other Sheolic (pg. 53) energy to depart. I command all fail-safe mechanisms, back-ups, backdoors, DNA, replacements, vectors, blueprints, levels, layers, regenerative ability, and any other way these demons can return to be removed completely and given to Jesus Christ. I ask that the void be filled with true identity as a child of the Most High God. In the name of Jesus Christ, amen.



Satan or another dark entity can appear to our spirits as an angel of light. When that happens, we are deceived into making agreements that put a loophole in our agency.

In the name of Jesus Christ, the Holy One of Israel, the Prince of Peace, I break the covenants and agreements I made with Satan or another dark angel.  I command all darkness that has been set in place to destroy me upon the breaking of these covenants to be given to Jesus Christ. I command all covenants, oaths, bonds, compromises and agreements that I made with a dark angel to be removed from me now. I apply the DREAM Protocol, commanding all darkness, dimensional entanglements, forecasts, and implantations put into me through my dreams and subconscious visitations to be removed through charity. I repent for allowing anyone else to own any portion of this body. I command the name that has been on those areas to be blotted out and my name to be re-written on them. I ask the light and mercy of the Atonement to fill me. I command Satan, Abaddon, Ishtar and any other not authorized by Jesus Christ to depart. I do this in the name of the Holy Father, his Son, Jesus Christ and the Holy Ghost. Amen.


Script to heal the healer

We, as healers, have an amazing mission which requires a gift from heaven and a gift from earth, intelligences and elements of both, coming together to repair malfunctioning aspects of the physical body or of the spirit. (See the diagrams in the post called Character Spawning.) The danger is that sometimes – more often than not – the healer is in need of healing to the extent that the righteous elements and intelligences that heal are blocked from flowing. Instead of using the Holy Spirit and earth energies to heal the person, many healers, unknown to them, will use the intelligences and elements of their own soul to heal the person. In this way, the people are healed, but the healers deplete themselves. Some are forced to stop the work. Some figure out how to clear the Encompassing Meridian and connect to true source intelligences and elements. But others astral travel and end up becoming one with people in a way that pulls intelligences and elements from others. Often this is done through dreams. (Contact me for further explanation. There will be a lot about this in Volume 4) Use this script if the latter scenario is happening. You might use it as a guided meditation.
You have become one with the earth, ____(name)____. You are one with the plants and the trees and the flowers and the herbs. You are a healer and many have come to you for help in healing their battered souls. So many need healing. Your heart reaches out to them, your soul reaches out to them. Your mind and heart, liberated from your body, has gone into their minds and hearts to try to heal them, only to find that the very substance that they consume in order to heal is your own truth and light, your own chi and drive, your own law and mercy, your own power and agency. As you have healed them, your own connection to self has diminished. “Who am I?” you have asked. “What is my purpose? Why has the God of Light and Life abandoned me? Why am I less than I was before? Why am I unworthy of godhood? Why has the essence of joy and peace so hard to create?” Peace, ____(name)____. Know that there is a way to replenish without losing what you have gained. There is a way to feel loved again, to feel life and light flowing again through your mind and through your heart. Your Savior and Redeemer, Jesus Christ stands with open arms to teach you that way. There have been other teachers. Your soul has been taught by the gods of emptiness, the gods of sadness, the gods of unworthiness. But ___(name)___, rejoice, for the true teacher has come. It is he that opened the eyes of the blind and allowed them to see! It is he that took the withered, the lame and the crippled and made them whole! The elements of the earth give him obeisance! The intelligences of heaven proclaim his name aloud. The mountains and the hills break forth into singing and all the trees clap their hands because he is their God! See your Lord and Savior returning that which is yours to you, ___(name)___. See the elements and intelligences of godhood returning to their proper places within your soul. Jesus is the God of wholeness, the God of the type of perfection that completes the incomplete with glory, experience, and gratitude. See, ___(name)___, the beautiful particles of glory returning to your mind and your heart, replacing that which you thought was a healing agent, but that has brought you down. Release the old, for it was not of Christ. Release the pattern of deception that has taught you to pull your life from the dreams of others. Release the melting pot of dreams, allowing Jesus Christ to again separate, purify, and redeem your specific dreams and aspirations. See again your specific life mission, the role and honors that are meant only for you. See the part that you are to play in the healing of the earth for Zion. It is so important that you understand your role. The earth waits with anticipation for you to see yourself as you truly are! You are Life! You are Light! You are hope to the weary and solace to the unsettled mind. You are the balm that will heal the past – not with your own heart and mind, but as a willing representative of the one true God through Jesus Christ, your master. Rejoice in your true identity! Rejoice that you are worthy to bear his name! Rejoice with the governing stars that align with him. Rejoice and be glad, ___(name)___. For you are his, and he supplies  your needs.


In the name of Jesus Christ, my Savior, Redeemer, and Friend, Alpha and Omega, who died on the cross for me and was resurrected in the flesh on the third day, I command the programming and instructions laid out and promoted by Satanists of every generation, including Lamech and Genun before the flood, Simon Magus, Diocletian, Gregori Rasputin, Josef Mengele and other evil doctors and their predecessors and successors, evil priesthood holders, voodoo practitioners, human traffic lords, and other secret organizations and their networks to be removed on every layer. I carefully unwire the boobytraps set to implant self-destruct programming into this body and brain and remove the backup plans and triggers. I cancel all agreements made with evil. I take the coat of many colors, which was given to Joseph of Egypt and represents the righteous priesthood given to Adam, and cover the colors of ribbons, rooms, computers, webs and alters of Satan, healing the secondary visual cortex and allowing true color to flow through the blood and the the nervous system. Connecting to the Holy Spirit that has full knowledge of the atrocities of men, I undo the structures, augmentations, words, powers, operator systems, and altered time. I ask for holy angels of Jesus Christ to surgically remove all implants, clonal DNA, computers, weapons and worlds of pain within this body, mind, and spirit. I create a relay system that diverts the attentions of the masters so that they are unaware of any deviation in their network. Using the stone of Gazalem, I transfer the programming, instructions, words, colors, sensory input, false memories, and evil augmentations to Jesus Christ, Savior and Redeemer of this world and all other worlds through the infinite Atonement that he experienced and anchored to this planet. I return the numbers to proper form and function under Jesus Christ. I reinstate the covenant forms, sacrifices, DNA, symbols, structures, words, colors, and protections afforded by the Abrahamic Covenant and heal the connective tissue, plasma membranes, meridians, and vertebrae. I remove all cloned elements in the kundalini, eyes, sense processing systems, and other places in the body. I apply the UNJUSTIFIED KINGDOM, RE-CREATION, FOUNDATION, and MASS MIX-UP scripts and any other protocol necessary. In the Light of the Everlasting God of Heaven and Earth, I flood the books upon which the hidden plans have been written with Truth, changing all instructions, laws, spiritual gifts and promises to resonate with the energies of Zion. I ask for my Savior, Jesus to compensate for the parts of me that are missing at this time and help those voids to be filled with love, light, peace, righteous connection and true mission. Selah. So let it be, according to the will of my Master, Jesus Christ. It is finished. Amen.


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