Physical, Emotional, and Spiritual Elevation


Most people do not understand the difference between different types of entities. I know a lot, but right now don’t have time to put much down right now. Order PEASE Volume 1: Entities or just Post and ask!


Demons are not understood by very many people. It is true that a demon can be conceptualized as the widely-accepted devil with horns, tail and trident, but this is not the normal case. There are many types and forms of demons. The common trait of all of them is their composition. Demons are made up of fragments from many different people and devils. When a person undergoes abuse, anger, sorrow, loss, or sin, fragments and intelligences of the person can separate from the whole (see FRAGMENTS PROTOCOL Volume 1). Satan loves to collect these fragments and create his spirit “children” with them. Some are very benevolent, such as one made up of mothers who worry about things too much. Some are very violent and evil. Go to the scripts tab on the menu bar for more on how to remove them.


We have discovered that each devil is a role or vehicle into which a person that is a child of God steps. For instance, when Cain killed Abel, he became “Master Mahan.” When Lucifer was rejected at the pre-earth council in heaven, he stepped into the role (or vehicle) of Satan, an essential role in helping us progress, for we need adversity as a part of this mortal experience. The person “driving the vehicle” can be rescued sometimes, for the power of the Atonement is infinite. However, when the child of God in the vehicle steps out, there is always someone that will step in. There are other energies that act in the same capacity as devils. These are listed below also. This list is far from complete.


  1. ABADDON – (Greek: APOLLYON)  Beast of the bottomless pit (Revelation 9:11). Seven-headed dragon spoken of in Revelation. Sorcerer. This beast subjects all devils to his ownership, using them as puppets to further his glory. Addressing Sheolic programming doesn’t work with him, for he and Ishtar are on a different level, generating anti-Kolob energy. It is necessary to use the names of the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost to cast him or Ishtar out. He can act in the name of any below him, energetically appearing to be Satan, a relative, etc. and diverting attention away from himself. He acts mostly on the mental body. One of Abaddon’s means of affecting people is to possess a person who has a victim mentality and elicit abuse. In unrighteous dominion, a dominator steals the victim’s agency. Since Abaddon has already stolen that agency, the dominator takes Abaddon’s ownership into himself. Because of the victim’s chunk of agency that Abaddon owns in the dominator, the Abaddon is able to act in the dominator’s name.
  2. RA – (Abaddon) The Egyptian sun god.
  3. APULU – (Abaddon)
  4. NYCKOLAZ – (Abaddon) “Old Nick” is an English appellation.
  5. ARES – (Abaddon) God of war.
  6. PROTECTOR – (Abaddon) Father figure.
  7. ERATHRON (Abaddon)
  9. COEM – (Abaddon) Thrives on stealing power. He concentrates on children of God that are well endowed with spiritual power. In charge of unseen worlds that draw people away from their lives.
  10. DX-AH – (Abaddon)  Known in devil worship circles. Creates confusing thoughts.
  11. MOLECH – (Abaddon) Pagan god of child sacrifice.
  12. SHAGREEL – (Abaddon and Ishtar) – See Abraham 1.


  1. ISHTAR – (Sorceress) Yin to Abaddon’s yang. “Mystery, Babylon the Great, the Mother of Harlots and Abominations of the Earth” (Revelation 17:5). She is the Babylonian, East Akkadian, and Assyrian goddess of war, fertility, and sex. Easter was named after her. She is on the same scale as Oliblish (Kolob’s yin). Therefore, cast out using the names of the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost.
  2. MOXSTUS – (Ishtar) Another name for Ishtar. Manipulates time dimensions.
  3. INCOLM – (Ishtar) Links generation and unites them in pain with anchors.
  4. SOPHIA – (Ishtar) Many in latter days have witnessed visions of Sophia and believe it is Heavenly Mother coming to restore balance to the priesthood, in reality bringing people away from Christ causing apostasy.
  5. ATHENA – (Ishtar)
  6. MYSTIC – (Ishtar)
  7. WINDLOCHENA – (Ishtar)


  1. SATAN – Focus is on control. “Satan” is a title of the devil that is in the position to tempt Adam and Eve in the Garden, thereby receiving from Adam and Eve stewardship over the fallen part of this planet. Satan gives access to work on “his” World to these other devils, because, like all true devils, he is Abaddon’s puppet. So when casting other devils out, include casting out Satan.
  2. THANATOS – Greek god of death. Works with Hypnos
  3. BAAL – (BAALI, BAALIM) (Satan) God of Storm, desert. Worshipped by the Canaanites (Judges 2:13).


  1. TIAMAT – Babylonian goddess of nature (sea and land). She is the embodiment of primordial chaos. Goddess of the ocean/sea.
  2. ASHTARETH – (Astarte) Female child of God that is in the World vehicle taking the place of the Earth as she falls. Coupled with Baal.
  3. CHUMLENTO – Governs a field in the Earth of female dominance and male subjugation.
  4. ADRESTIA – (VENGEANCE) Also called Mohini. Enacts justice with no mercy especially toward men.
  5. NOE – I am not real, phobia of having joy/being complete. “Have to suffer”.
  6. MOTE – Unrighteous anger, judgement.
  7. HYPNOS – (SOMNUS) Greek god of sleep.


  1. SETESH – Egyptian god of chaos and war. When a person with the role of Adam feels a need to abandon this world, Satan can steal his fragments. These fragments, with fragments of other Adams, form the body of a spiritual dragon, with Ra, Ishtar, Satan and the World as four heads. Thus this dragon holds keys to creation and dominion on this planet.
  2. IRDU – Sexual devil during sleep. Doesn’t think of himself as following Satan. Tries to create a body for himself.
  3. LOKI – Addiction devil.
  4. VIDAR – Silence devil.


  1. LILITH – Known in the occult as Adam’s wife. Mother of Harlots. Very involved in all sexual sin. Figure in Jewish mythology. Aphrodite.


  1. MAHAN – (Baphomat) Cain stepped into the vehicle of Mahan. Part of his great power stems from the fact that he had a physical body when he stepped into this role.  His forte is with secret combinations. Brainwashing – removal of identity and replacement.
  2. LAMECH – (Disease) There are spirits assigned to each type of infection (including disease) that are puppets of Lamech. Affects the amygdala and memory. (Moses 5:49)
  3. INCUBI – Male counterpart to Succubi. Steals power from women for Ra: Abaddon.
  4. SODOM – Promotes disconnect from serious relationships with a member of the opposite sex. Homosexuality.
  5. ZEPAR – Love, lust, and sodomy. Makes women barren. Pederasty. Can use succubi.
  6. ELIGOR – murder, genocide, war strategies, future events (directs path for individual to be lead to certain actions).


  1. SLOT – Memory devil. Changes the names of identity files of a person. Confuses star energy.
  2. ADEPHAGIA – Digestive devil, gluttony.
  3. SUCCUBI – a class of female devils that appear in dreams, who seduce men, usually through sexual activity. A succubus collects power from the men she seduces and uses it to create, anchoring the man to Ishtar, her master.
  4. FURIES – Satisfaction out of misery. One person split into three: 1)TISIPHONE – The Avenger. 2) MEGARA – The Jealous. 3)ALECTO – The Unresting.


  1. MEPHISTOPHILIS – works just as the fable states, collecting the souls of the damned. The problem is that he collects them prematurely, discounting the ability of that person to repent through the Atonement of Jesus Christ.  He collects hearts and takes them from a person when they are “spiritually dead.”  He does not feel, he is all logic.
  2. CHORONZON – Nasty. Removes identity as a child of God. Makes puzzles out of people. Switches pieces around. Disconnects a person from true stars. Uses Chaos.
  3. ZAGAN – makes fools wiser, transforms one element into another, protector of those who deceive by fraud or counterfeiting


  1. POVERTY/WEALTH – Has two faces. Promotes the idea, “Money is the root of all evil.” Also ideas of wealth-superiority promoting the idea that the poor are a subhuman species.
  2. ESTRANGE – Blocks comprehension, able to stop communication between people as well as areas of the body.


  1. MANIA – promotes an over-the-top excitement or frenzy that many mistake as the Holy Spirit. It leads away from Christ and blocks faith. Confusion.
  2. DECEIT – has a role in removing the passion of creation in the heart that is necessary for a husband and wife to create miracles together.
  3. DOGMATIC – He keeps you from pushing beyond established beliefs and thought and from pushing yourself to learn or achieve beyond what is expected or required. Stifled knowledge.
  5. BETRAYAL – Plays on a person’s most fervent desires.  One game he plays is he tells one when to expect these desires, but then they don’t come as he described.  Gives a false hope.  Uses time as his benefit.
  6. HEARTHOM (Worry)
  7. NEHOR – Affects the appearance of light. Light that is darkness. Diverts connection to true stars.
  8. SAVANTE – Closes off gifts. Usually the person will develop unusual genius in remaining gifts because the others are closed off.


  1. BEELZEBUB – The ungrounder. The lifter of the spirit from the body. Promotes fear of the Physical Body. Disconnects from physical needs or desires. Promotes suicide as a means for salvation.
  2. PERDITION – anti-chi. Outer darkness. Pulls people or systems to a place that the Atonement of Christ cannot reach.
  3. CHAOS
  4. DESTROYER – causes disorientation of elements.
  5. OBLITERATOR – causes disorientation of intelligences.

FOUR CORNERS OF EARTH (Revelations 7:1-2, D&C 77:8, Abraham 1:13)

  1. ELKENAH – Anti-land. Unloved replacing create, empowerment.
  2. MAHMACKRAH – Anti-sun. Shame replacing abundance, and perfect love.
  3. KORASH – Anti-sea. Fear replacing wealth, perfection through God.
  4. LIBNAH – Anti-moon. Alone replacing health, forgiveness.

FOUR WINDS OF HEAVEN (Four winds, Revelations 7:1)

  1. SPHERICARNAL – Connects people to eras of time that are not theirs
  2. SEVEKER – In place of Kli-flos-is-es and Hah-ko-kau-beam (Abraham Facsimile 2) gives anti-feeds of creation and power to a person involved in unrighteous sex.


  1. ATHEOS – “Without God.” Promotes self-loathing, nihilism.
  2. ETHANOS – Personification of opposition. Specializes in removing a person or body system to an unseen world.


  1. YEQON – (Sorcerer)  Governs a reality where oneness relies on one person possessing another. Leader of sorcerers who replaced true watchers.
  2. ASBEEL – (Sorcerer) Governs a reality where nothing is important, everything glossed over. Pacifies people into false security so that they do not act.
  3. GADREEL – (Sorcerer) Governs a reality where nature is more real than people. Animals are better companions than children or spouse.
  4. PENEMUE – (Sorcerer) Governs a reality of inability to communicate with others.
  5. KASDAYE – Those trapped in this reality cannot see the value of mundane things. Enlivened only by the metaphysical. People trapped in this reality watch fantasy or science fiction often as a confirmation that they are okay.


  1. SORSUX – Anti-merkaba (4-sided base). Like an anti-yin/yang. Opens a righteous person up to the judgments, trials, consequences that should only be for an unrighteous person. It also affects judgments of a spouse towards spouse. Affects the attraction mechanisms of the heart.
  2. CORRUPTION – Anti-merkaba (12-sided base). Secret Combination devil. It cannot endure light, but buries itself deep in the earth where it can touch all who walk upon it. Uses methods of permeation in Physical Body or in a society. Silently moves forward taking one piece at a time until all is corrupt. Seizures, Alzheimer’s, etc. permeates skin via chemicals, the mind via eyes (porn, symbols, violence).

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