I have heard many ways to protect from negative or harmful energies. Many of them involve putting up an impenetrable barrier, but that is not the nature of God. It halts progression and flow. The nature of Satan is damnation so we need to be careful not to dam the adversity. Jehovah’s plan was to experience it and allow it to give us experience so that we can raise to a higher plane of progression. We want flow, not damnation. So how do we protect ourselves, for we do need something or the darts of the adversary will take us too low.

Here is an excellent exercise to allow protection and progression at the same time. It can be used on loved ones, on spiritual or physical parts of parts of self, on a city, etc. If it is not a person you will need to realize that all things are composed of elements and intelligences that have feelings, so that you can personify it.

  1. First, generate a love for the earth and all of the things she is going through. Have great compassion for her and those on her face.
  2. See the blood of Christ falling to the earth in the Garden atoning for spiritual adversities, and from the cross for physical. Make a connection between the soul of the earth and the blood of Christ shed for us that fell to the earth. Carry that blood into the earth’s veins. See it coursing through, becoming one with water. Extend that to your own veins for you are part of the earth.
  3. As Mary Magdalene did after he was taken from the cross, cradle the flesh of the Savior’s body in your arms and feel her sorrow over Jesus’s death.
  4. After the sorrow, with confidence and anticipation, entomb the flesh of Christ into the earth knowing that he will rise again soon. See his flesh becoming one with the dust of the earth, not decaying, but being completely part of the earth. Also see it becoming part of your own flesh, his elements becoming your elements, for you are of the dust of the earth.
  5. See the day of glorious resurrection. Embrace the perfect and healed Jesus and feel the power and healing capacity that he has because of his descension below all things. Feel him heal all the sorrow and pain that you have.
  6. Now see the person, home, organ, body system, etc, you want to protect. (It is written as if it is your brother you are trying to protect.)
    1. First, all of the things [your brother] is going through. Have great compassion for him and those in his sphere.
    2. Picture [your brother’s] blood becoming one with the combined blood of Christ and the Earth. The water in him becoming one with the Light of Christ flowing with the infinite atonement.
    3. Instead of cradling the flesh of Christ, cradle his fallen body. Feel empathy for the pain that he is going through. Allow his flesh to become one with your flesh in that pain. 
    4. With confidence and anticipation of the progression that will come from this fall, envision placing him in in a borrowed tomb See his flesh becoming one with the dust of the earth and with Christ’s flesh in the tomb. [An important aspect of this is that instead of the feeling of loss and burial, please carry more of the feeling of putting a cake in the oven, knowing how delicious it will be when you take it out.]
    5. See the day of resurrection! Embrace the person you have been envisioning. Feel the power and strength from the resurrected person and flow with the healing capacity he has gained through this experience.