The sexual act is very important. Here are keys we were given to making it more powerful.

    1. It must only be done under covenant of marriage between a man and a woman.
    2. Having intercourse often, daily if convenient, creates more flow and power in the marriage.
    3. Sexual intercourse creates more than just babies. It gives more power to manifesting any desire.
      1. Having a joint desire enhances manifesting power. Decide beforehand what you want to manifest.
      2. As sexual passion builds, speak somewhat of that desire, especially how you see it giving your spouse joy.  
      3. At the point of orgasm, instead of sending the vision into the world as some suggest, send it into your spouse. See it coursing through his or her veins. Create in him or her the picture and emotion of how it will be when it is manifested.
      4. There is a winding down time after orgasm. Use this time to be still and know that God is God. See that you are naked and allow that vulnerability. Let God see your nakedness before him. Float upon the sea of The Light of Christ, allowing it to carry you to wherever it will, totally submissive to the flow and timing of God.
    4. Sexual intercourse under righteous covenant is powerful and must be a flow from the man and woman. Any type of forcing is evil and will give that power to wicked combinations.
    5. Anal sex is evil.
    6. Homosexual intercourse is not lawful. Homosexual intercourse creates power in anti-polar dimensions, allowing wicked combinations to have more power over this earth. Great efforts must be made in order to regain power lost through this act.
    7. In regard to the following list, all things must be jointly agreed upon:
      1. Many have said that because male is symbolized by the up-pointing pyramid and female the down-pointing, men should be on top. However, in this thing they do err. There are times when the woman takes the dominant role in creation and other times when the man does. It does not matter who is on top and who is on the bottom, but the woman has a greater part in that decision.
      2. Oral sex on both ends is good if agreed upon by both partners, and the fluids should be savored.
      3. Contraception is important in the modern age, for women have a bigger part to play in creating Zion now than ever before. This is the priority. In the past, for the most part, their focus was only in the home, but now the full power of womanhood must blossom, including healing, leadership, teaching, and many other outreaching gifts. Chemical contraceptives are evil. Blocking contraceptives are the best, especially those which are not retained in the physical body. Vasectomies are permitted after children have come, but must ultimately be the decision of the man under direction of prayer and fasting. Tying the female tubes is not good because it limits physical dominion over the earth.
    8. Have Fun!!



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