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The little 7 year old moved a tiny bottle of bubbles in her fingers,  eyes focused on it, sometimes concentrating with such intensity that her fingers shook. She mouthed words as she stared fixedly at the small object. She had been doing this for fifteen minutes straight.

“What are you doing, Lona?” I asked.

“Making up a story,” she replied as she continued to concentrate fiercely on the small bottle.

“What is it about?”

She stopped concentrating and smiled shyly at me. “Well, really I am not making this one. I am making a Studio C episode again.”

“What is happening in it?”

“Well,” she said, “I am really just setting up all of the scenery and the background for the story.”

“What does the bottle do in the story?” I asked.

“It is two things, a cup and a medicine bottle.”

“Can you make the story without moving that around in your hands?”

She thought about it for a bit and replied. “It’s not as easy.”


“Lona,” as I am calling her, has the symptoms of what some call, “maladaptive daydreaming” or “compulsive fantasizing.” I believe “character spawning” is a more apropos name. Some have seen long range effects of this phenomenon and want it to be considered as a diagnosable condition so that doctors, psychiatrists and insurance companies will take it seriously. They have no effective treatment for it.  The Wild Minds Network is a commendable website devoted to the phenomenon. In my experience, it is true that character spawning does make a person more prone to anxiety and depression. It is a type of addiction  – in fact it affects the “ventral striatum, the part of the brain that lights up when an alcoholic is shown images of a martini.” (article) .

However, I believe character spawning is the gift to create like God gone a little awry. It just needs some tweaks and it can be a great asset!  Because I have dealt with it with several who have come to me for help, I have received some inspiration into the problem. I am still developing the protocol for treating it, but as far as I can see, what I have is more effective than anything else available. 

The phenomenon is characterized by excessive daydreaming, or story plotting that takes over a person’s life. It results in some amazing plots and stories, and also a crippling inability to focus on the “real” world. In fact, the stories usually become more real to the person than the physical world around them. Some report that they can see their characters almost tangibly, or hear them explaining how the story should go. In many cases, the character interacts with the creator in a very real way. One such character told a struggling math student how to do the problems on occasion so that she could pass the class! After she told me about this experience, she asked, “Is it cheating to get the answers from a spirit?”

For Lona, it is starting to take away from the ability she has to focus on things in this world.  Lona was so keen with reading and math a year and a half earlier that she skipped kindergarten and went straight to 1st grade. Her reading capability was better at the beginning of 1st grade than at the end of it. When she started school, she started her character spawning stories. I believe there is a correlation between her story-telling and her loss of focus.

In working with her, I asked, “Can I muscle test you on it?” Used to the procedure, she held out her arm. I proceeded to ask a series of questions and this is what the tests indicated: The object connected her story to the earth. The girl was actually taking energies of the bottle and intermixing them with energies that came that came from her own mind, creating a “living story.”


As creators, children of God, we have the innate ability to pull in intelligences and elements with which to create. Just as God created the world, just as he created our spirits, we can create on a smaller scale. When we are grounded to earth, we have access to the energies of earth. When we are fully connected to heaven, we have access to the creative energies of heaven. These, with emotion, are the ingredients for creation. Spiritual matter is waaaaay easier to create. There is a scripture that says:

For intelligence cleaveth unto intelligence; wisdom receiveth wisdom; truth embraceth truth; virtue loveth virtue; light cleaveth unto light; mercy hath compassion on mercy and claimeth her own; justice continueth its course and claimeth its own; judgment goeth before the face of him who sitteth upon the throne and governeth and executeth all things.

We create all the time. For instance, when we fear, we attract intelligences and elements that have that vibration. When we fear a lot, we can create a whole new layer of our spirit made out of fear. This is called a “thought form” or a “fear body.” But the intelligences that we create fear bodies with are not from true earth or of true heaven. They are from unseen worlds or from parts of the our own beings that have broken off and flipped to an anti-polar state. In simpler words, Satan is behind them.

This happens in character spawning. The spawner is actually creating a spirit body for the character. If the person is perfectly grounded to heaven and earth, he or she has an endless supply of creative material and the characters spawned do not cause a compulsion because God has the stewardship over the new spirit, rather than the spawner having that responsibility. Kind of like being a parent – you can’t make a baby and just abandon it. It becomes the focus of your life! Being a conduit for God in creation adds to a person’s power to command life in this world.

ENCOMPASSING MERIDIANscreen-shot-2017-01-07-at-9-29-22-pm

On the right I inserted a diagram of what we call the Encompassing Meridian, an external meridian-like flow that connects the energies of heaven and earth through us. The kundalini and chakras are central to it. The flows below are close ups of the flows of these energies that occur, spurred by emotion, order to create. However, sometimes we connect to bad sources to use for creational energies.

Character spawning is creation of an entity through the combining of intelligences and elements with emotion. It usually occurs when a person gets extremely excited about a character in a book (movie, video game, story)  – so excited that they lose pieces of themselves to the idea of the character and the character becomes an entity. But not quite a separate entity because it is part of the creator. It will not leave the person alone because the person is its god. The person is the key to its progression and happiness. It causes a compulsion to continue to create. The characters are on a different plane, and as the person continues to create without a working Encompassing Meridian, a whole unseen world develops. It is the mind of the creator that ignites the creation to life. To the person’s mind, the unseen world often becomes more real to the person than this one.

When you create there are male and female energies that come together. The creator always has a partner of the opposite sex (or it could be an anti-polar devil of the same sex) when spawning takes place. This could be an energetic connection to a friend, a premortal spouse, or a future spouse, but it could also be an angel (muse), a lost spirit, a dark spirit, a devil, or it could be Christ. Unless it is Christ, you must take the “spouse’s” pieces out of the creation as well as the creator’s. Have Christ adopt the character as its godfather. 🙂


Character spawning usually happens to teens who become fans of some character on a movie or video game, but some have perfected many characters through stories. Role playing is especially effective in character spawning because the social interaction creates an excitement about the character that amplifies the effect. The characters created through role-playing are sometimes demonic (I don’t mean that the character in the story or game is a demon. See definition of demon in the page called “Entity Scripts.”) in that many who are role playing together contribute pieces to the character. Fandoms produce this effect also.  When a person role plays and the story has character development, but little resolution of plot, the spawned character itself refuses to allow the creator to have pieces back even if the true Christ is there to fill gaps. In that case, the creator might need to create a simple beginning, middle, and end to a character’s story so that they can have resolution.


Some characters are particularly alive – but it is not because they are spawned well. These characters are also the recipients of the pieces of countless lost/earthbound spirits who long for their stories to have resolution in Christ. These characters usually have huge amounts of the author’s own pieces in them, but they also have pieces of other children of God trapped in perdition, needing a happy ending in Christ. While creators will receive some relief by fixing their Encompassing Meridian and removing pieces from the characters, they needs to – every time a new idea comes – create resolution to the plot, even if it is not the resolution that will be in the final draft. This does not need to be a happy ending. It could be one that teaches a profound lesson and shows how negative actions affect the world.


In most exciting stories, there are evil characters who represent devils. These characters must be treated differently. The creation of such a character has a very large con and a very large pro. The con is that the character might have pieces of the devils: Abaddon, Lilith, Satan, Hitler, and the present head of the Illuminati, as well as the author’s pieces. These evil entities delight in the dominion the author has given them, but it isn’t the dominion in the story world. It is over the creator of the story. The author, who is also part of the bad guy, is one with the evil entities, which mean they have partial control over him or her. The creator can feel the negative effect as anger, reclusiveness, fear, depression, and definitely anxiety.

The pros are actually greater than the con. The first is that with the entry and connection that the author gave these devils to the story world, the author can satiate their power grab in this world and replace it with a power grab in that unseen world disconnected from this one, diverting their power to harm here. Another pro is that when you create you are the gatekeeper to the creation. The oneness that the author has with the devils can be taken advantage of in both directions. If done right, he or she can strip Satan and the others of other dominions over this planet as easily as stripping them of their story dominion. The first step is to clear the Encompassing Meridian. Another important step in stripping them of dominion is to rewrite the history involved in the devil’s story if that history is known.


Imagination is the key to creation. Those who have the gift to spawn spiritual characters are actually further ahead of most in being able to create like our Father in Heaven. Prayer, fasting and scripture reading could set this straight even if you don’t quite understand what an Encompassing Meridian is or how to fix it. If your answer to prayer tells you to contact me for a session or to ask questions, please do!

All is well. Be happy!cheryl-picture-1
Lotsa love,

Dr. Cheryl