About your diet…

March 10, 2009 by innerhealthconnections

Mistakes – the great teachers of life.  We make them in our thoughts.  We follow those thoughts and show the mistake to the world. Sometimes our mistakes come from trying too hard to do the right thing.  Long, long ago, in a land far away (Missouri), we owned a you-pick organic berry farm.  We sold garden produce and sometimes free-range chicken and pork.  We were learning a lot – mostly through a long line of mistakes, and life was quite stressful for me. Arden woke up with the sun to work the farm before heading to his dirty, pay-the-bills job until 5:00, when he would come home and work in the fields until sunset, and sometimes into the night.  I was doing my best to take care of customers, finish what Arden couldn’t, take care of two babies and homeschool the older two.

I was a complete stress case.  I was allergic to just about everything, including the farm, the messy house and homeschool.  We had no insurance, so Arden and I determined that we would do our best to be as healthy as we could by eating right.  We cut out white flour, white sugar, and white rice.  I made the meals from scratch.  We did what we knew to do to be healthy and still the allergies persisted. I had to cut out the wheat flour because I was allergic to it and resorted to using barley and rye – not great for bread, let me tell you! Ardie suggested that I cut out dairy to get rid of the allergies.  So then I had to figure out how to make a meal without cheese, milk, sour cream, etc.

I did not realize, as I do now, that allergies are almost totally the manifestation of subconscious beliefs and fears – Because I was becoming more stressed about eliminating the foods that were contributing to allergies, the allergies became even worse.  A customer who was a doctor gave me a slew of samples of allergy meds for me to try.  These produced such side-effects and so little result, that I dropped them and cut out peanut butter, vegetable oils, and meat.  I was so paranoid of food by that time that my nutrition was suffering.  I fed my family better than I fed myself, thank goodness.  Ardie had many nutrition books that said different things and I tried to follow all of them. Any time I learned something negative about a food I would drop it from my diet. Fresh fruit and vegetables gave me stomachaches – unless it was something that I couldn’t sell on the farm.  I could eat the rotten strawberries pretty well.

It was about this time that Arden decided that he needed to change career plans drastically. He took a two-week course on Neural Organization Technique, quit his job, dropped all enterprises on the farm, and started his practice – all within a few weeks!  That saved me.  My health started to improve.  He was able to treat the allergies and they lessened.

As I look back on that time, I realize the havoc I made of my body from the fear of not eating right!  Crazy!  The technical term for this is orthorexia and it is related to anorexia.  People do die from it!  I am still clearing traces of those food fears in my digestive system.  Since that time, I have found a new list of healthy foods – one that includes peanut butter, quality cheeses, cookie dough, and of course, the occasional ice cream cone.

Our bodies are amazing creations.  They can adapt to just about any condition, heal from almost anything, as long as a person is full of Joy! There are definitely better foods than others, and it is wise to use these more than the foods that physically stress the body, but stress, fear, worry, and caution about one’s diet can be far more detrimental than the diet itself.

So go and have a joyful bowl of ice cream with a friend.  I think Heavenly Father loves ice cream!